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About GiveCentral

GiveCentral is a web-based donation platform designed to help nonprofit organizations raise more money. By consolidating all collection, fundraising and communication activities in one place, GiveCentral makes it easier for donors to give, for nonprofits to communicate and for administrators to manage their finances and donor records. Through its customizable, costeffective and versatile platform, GiveCentral enhances the fundraising experience for all those involved.

The Challenge

Our Client, GiveCentral has been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) since 2014, developing and delivering its core payment processing platform to donors and the business managers of Churches’ Schools across the United States. As they expanded their base, the demand for the platform increased leading to a considerable growth of AWS services utilized to support this success. In order to support this scalability, the infrastructure had to be highly elastic and always able to cope with significant traffic spikes keeping in mind the seasonal demand which had grown to considerable instances by late 2018. AWS services did help the system cope with all the challenges but it also raised a much bigger challenge that came in the form of huge AWS bills. The team started looking for immediate fixes in their AWS instances in 2019 and turned to Nuclay Solutions for optimization strategies.

The Solution

We leveraged AWS Cost Explorer to gain visibility across GiveCentral’s entire AWS ecosystem and maximized cloud efficiency by running audits at periodical intervals. In order to maximize savings, we set ambitious targets and were able to provide additional OPEX savings which allowed the client to purchase AWS business support at no additional budget impact. Overall, it helped them save more than 30% in monthly recurring OPEX savings over their legacy AWS invoices.

AWS Services Used: AWS Cost Explorer

The Benefits

Cost Saving

This led to huge savings in funds. The client then used these savings in an aggressive marketing strategy leading to further increase in their customer base.

AWS Business Support at no additional cost

This was a huge plus as earlier the client was hesitant to invest in this due to an already piling AWS bill but after this, they gained confidence to invest further.

Reduction in efforts

The decrease in instances helped reduce the overall effort and thus streamlined the efforts in positive direction.

About Nuclay Solutons Pvt. Ltd. and AWS

At Nuclay, we are equipped with all the modern technological and digital know how which could provide the most pointed solutions to our clients. Whatever the challenges, we know how to adapt to all the changing circumstances and mould ourselves to suit the same. We believe in being flexible with our working techniques, without straying an inch away from delivering all requirements.

We are passionate about supporting other businesses in their growth. All our clients need to do is focus on their core business while we handle everything else to help them stay ahead.

AWS provides a broad platform of secure, cost-effective, high-performance cloud services that can be used to process and analyze the data stored in your managed database.

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