Get Started With AWS DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for all applications that need consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale. It is a fully managed cloud database and supports both document and key-value store models to help developers solve data modelling challenges. DynamoDB is built on the premise that any application can benefit from the ability to have an always-on, fault-tolerant, highly available database with a predictable performance at any scale.

Nuclay Solutions provides AWS DynamoDB consultation services. We have expertise in architecting cost-effective and scalable solutions on top of DynamoDB. Our team of experts will help you in choosing the right data model for your application, lower the overall cost while improving the performance of your application by optimizing the database for performance and time-to-market.

Major Advantages of Using
Amazon DynamoDB

Run your mission-critical applications with a fully managed database that eliminates the need to spend time managing availability, scalability, and performance. With DynamoDB there’s no downtime and no performance degradation, and you can focus on building great applications.

DynamoDB gives you the on-demand and powerful database you need for your project. With it, you can provision any number of tables to store your data without having to worry about scaling.

DynamoDB scales automatically and simply. With industry-leading performance, DynamoDB can run your most demanding workloads in the cloud, at a lower cost than with other database services.

DynamoDB will allow you to quickly and securely move your mission-critical data into the cloud without the hassle of upfront hardware investments. It’s fast, scalable, and fully managed. It eliminates the need for your IT team to set up, operate, and secure a database server and continuously keep it current.


AWS DynamoDB lets developers build highly scalable serverless web applications without the complexity of infrastructure. You can get a fully hosted database on demand while paying only for the resources you use.

DynamoDB provides a service that requires no setup, no configuration, and a five-minute way of creating and deploying a backend for your app. With DynamoDB, you can get back to developing, instead of managing your backend.

DynamoDB allows anyone to run a web server of any kind in less than 60 seconds. The technology is ideal for microservice architectures as it scales to billions of requests per day.

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Use Cases For DynamoDB

How is Amazon DynamoDB useful for your industry? Read all about it in the sections below:

Advertising Technology

DynamoDB provides the speed, reliability and scale customers need to advertise online with real-time product recommendations, ad targeting, price optimizations and real-time bidding—all at a predictable cost.


AWS DynamoDB can make gaming more exciting with real-time eSports updates. Developers store gaming information in DynamoDB because it is schema-free and has a high read and write throughput. This makes games that are faster, more responsive, and scale to millions of players.

Software and Internet

DynamoDB is a web service that gives you scalable and reliable cloud storage with a pay as you go pricing model. You get single-digit millisecond latency at 1/10th the cost of premises-based solutions. In other words, DynamoDB gives you low latency at little cost and has unlimited scalability.

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies can now manage all of their video and audio content on AWS with one consistent cloud storage service. DynamoDB is an always-on, self-service storage cloud that enables you to search and view both live and on-demand content from a unified catalogue without having to connect multiple services.

Banking and Finance

AWS DynamoDB offers finance-friendly storage with pay-for-what-you-use pricing. Banks or financial institutions can create tables, write, and query data quickly. It also offers the ability to make changes to your customers' accounts, 24/7, online, from any location in the world.


DynamoDB can process a terabyte volume of data, thousands of times per second with billions of requests. Retailers can use this to sell products globally and in real-time with low-latency transactions and even greater variety. This increases your website conversion rates and click-throughs.

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