Simple, Automated Database Migration

AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a fully managed service that helps you migrate databases to the AWS Cloud. It is easy to set up and use, making it ideal for databases that are large or complex. Using AWS DMS, you can migrate data from on-premises databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora. You can even migrate data between one Oracle database to another using AWS DMS. Nuclay offers you additional database management services, including 24x7 support, security advisory, or monitoring of your data at affordable prices.

The Key Advantages of Using
Amazon Database Management Services

AWS data migration services from Nuclay helps you migrate your data into the secure AWS environment. We provide a seamless migration for our customers in the shortest time possible and within the budget you plan. You can reach our experts both by phone and email 24/7.

AWS database migration with Nuclay helps you plan, execute and manage your migration project. We have successfully handled many migrations with minimal downtime. Our team of certified data migration experts move the database in a quick, seamless, and cost-effective manner.

AWS Database migration service is a fast, cheap, secure, and reliable database service for enterprises. We have diverse database migration skills and expertise to tackle just about any database migration project. We can migrate different databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and so on.

Nuclay offers comprehensive, cost-effective and low-cost data management services for database migration to Amazon Web Services. We've been working in database migration for years and now have a setup that helps us offer reliable service with no big upfront costs.

AWS Database Migration Services are fully manageable that continuously and securely replicate databases from on-premises data centres to AWS. Nuclay helps organizations move their data into our AWS cloud platform effortlessly. We meet your needs quickly and cost-effectively.

AWS database migration service keeps running in the background keeping you operational. In case of interruption, it restarts automatically from the point where it was left off. Nuclay engineers have experience in multiple database migration projects, so you know you are receiving top-of-the-line services at great prices.

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Use Cases For AWS Database Migration Services

Check out some latest and unique use cases where your business can benefit from AWS DMS

Homogeneous Database Migrations

Nuclay offers homogeneous database migration services to migrate from one database system to another effortlessly. AWS DMS makes it easier through one-click data transfer between databases with similar code, schema structure and data types. We can handle migrations of any size and complexity with no difficulty.

Heterogeneous Database Migrations

Nuclay provides heterogeneous database migration services across multiple databases using best practice methods. Our cloud experts with decades of diverse experience gained from an assortment of service providers and enterprises. We handle migration projects in the most cost- and time-efficient way that will save your IT budget and enhance the quality of your infrastructure.

Testing and Development

Nuclay provides a fast, cost-effective service that will move your database from one environment to another swiftly. Your database will migrate in a 24-hour turnaround and your dev team will know the bugs that are in the old version and can work on them immediately.

Database Consolidation

Database Consolidation is a complex task that only experienced database engineers can solve. Our team of experts at Nuclay has already consolidated hundreds of databases with zero downtime. We assure you of a seamless transition of your data between clouds.

Continuous Data Replication

With Nuclay, you enjoy a near-seamless transition to AWS, no matter your architecture or workload. There are multiple ways in which you can use continuous data replication to your advantage. It can also be used for disaster recovery, geographic database distribution and Dev/Test environment synchronization.

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