About GiveCentral

GiveCentral is a web-based donation platform designed to help nonprofit organizations raise more money. By consolidating all collection, fundraising and communication activities in one place, GiveCentral makes it easier for donors to give, for nonprofits to communicate and for administrators to manage their finances and donor records. Through its customizable, costeffective and versatile platform, GiveCentral enhances the fundraising experience for all those involved.

The Challenges

GiveCentral needed an emailer system for marketing as well as transactional emails. The system they had in place was using SMTP based email service provider. Using this, the throughput was 100 emails per minute. As the system scaled, there was a need to send more emails at a given time. When they tried to increase the throughput, the LAMP stack based system became the bottleneck. This became a huge challenge for them as the delay in email led to customer dissatisfaction.

The Solutions

We implemented an event driven system using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, SQS, and SNS to send emails in real time. This drastically improved the throughput to 10,000 emails per minute that is 100 times more than the previous throughput of 100 emails per minute. As the customer was billed only when the code in Lambda was executed, we managed to bring down the cost by 95% all the while increasing the capacity to send emails at a given time making it one of the best, most cost effective options for our client.

AWS Services Used: AWS Lambda, API Gateway, SQS, and SNS

The Benefits

Cost Effectiveness

Using an event driven system, we managed to bring down the cost by 95% despite increasing the capacity of the system to send emails simultaneously. This became a major benefit for the client as they were able to increase their email marketing spend and get more customers.

Improved Performance

By solving the throughput challenge, we managed to increase the throughput to 10000 emails/minute. This helped them improve their email delivery and thus increased the overall customer satisfaction.

Auto Scaling

As Lambda works upon the demand supply system. As the demand increased, the system created more instances to accommodate the increased number of emails. When the number of requests decreased, Lambda stopped unused instances to free up scaling capacity for other functions. This helped in eliminating the scalability issues that were there in the legacy system.

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AWS provides a broad platform of secure, cost-effective, high-performance cloud services that can be used to process and analyze the data stored in your managed database.

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