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It is a type of serverless computing platform that is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows you to run code while managing the computing resources that the code requires. You no longer have to worry about provisioning and managing servers.

Nuclay Solutions is a one-stop-shop for AWS Lambda - the future of serverless computing. Our consulting team of certified AWS professionals are here to handle capacity planning, architecture and strategy, and project management - all to make your transition to the highly scalable, cost-efficient serverless architecture as seamless as possible.

Key Benefits of Creating Serverless Applications Using
AWS Lambda

No need to provide for or manage servers - AWS takes care of this for you. There is no requirement for software or runtime environments to download, install, maintain, or administer. Just write code and upload it to Lambda as a container image or a ZIP file.

AWS Lambda can handle a few requests per day or a thousand requests per day. One can even scale an application automatically or by adjusting the individual units of consumption. This eliminates the need to add or remove servers which can be resource-intensive.

Amazon charges you only for each millisecond that your code executes, and on the number of times, your application triggers the code. Hence. you pay only for the compute time that your application uses and save up to 17% on overall development cost.

Serverless applications have built-in availability and fault tolerance, avoiding the need to create such capabilities. If one server fails, the system will keep running on a different machine. You can even access the abundance of such resources available easily to all.

You can integrate with other AWS services easily to create functionally complete applications. You have the privilege to configure triggers to invoke a function in response to events, HTTP requests, and other in-app activities. Lambda allows you to build, run, and operate your applications without provisioning or managing servers.

The ability to pipeline requests into a single Lambda function for monitoring is hugely beneficial. You can monitor application activity such as APIs calls, errors, and code performance in real-time. You can even use the event-based architecture to deploy, execute, and measure changes within milliseconds.

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Use Cases For Lambda

How is AWS Lambda useful for your industry? Read all about it in the sections below:

Data Processing

Lambda executes your code every time there is a change in data, action by users, or shifts in the system state. You can use this feature to create real-time serverless data processing systems. All you need to do is to connect Lambda to an existing EFS file system or trigger it using AWS services such as Kinesis, S3, SNS, and CloudWatch.

File Processing

AWS Lambda is ideal for processing extensive files by connecting to an existing Amazon EFS file system. One can even use Amazon S3 to trigger AWS Lambda immediately after an upload to process data. You can use Lambda for indexing files, processing logs, create thumbnail images, transcoding videos, and other data aggregation in real-time.

Web Applications

With AWS Lambda, you can build a web application that scales up and down automatically, across data centres, when needed. You can combine the highly available services offered by AWS, you can build scalable web apps, require no effort in back-ups, and avoid redundancy in multiple data centres.

Mobile Applications

You can create personalized front ends for your apps by using AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway. When developing an app, AWS offers several ready-made tools that will help you integrate your backend with other services.

Machine Learning

Machine learning models can be slow to train. By preprocessing your data using AWS Lambda, you can make the machine learning model itself faster. With Lambda, you can deploy your model for prediction without having to provide or manage any infrastructure.

IoT Backends

You can create your serverless backends using AWS Lambda and other Amazon Web Services. You can build a backend that works for any website or IoT device without having to manage servers. Lambda lets you handle web, mobile, IoT, and 3rd party API requests without having to pay for capacity that is not in use.

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