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An API Gateway is a central part of microservices architecture and is often architected to act as an interface between a company and its third parties. When it comes to developing and selling an API Gateway, you need to partner with an organization that can be your trusted consulting partner. From strategy to execution to provide value-added features and support, a true consultant is your best option.

Nuclay delivers expert consultancy and custom development services for Amazon Web Services (AWS). We help companies create scalable, secure, and robust cloud business solutions using the latest AWS technologies. We focus on delivering maximum value to our customers by anticipating their needs and providing them with the most appropriate AWS solutions. Our team combines deep technical expertise with practical implementation experience in an array of industries through multiple use cases.

Types of APIs

AWS API Gateway delivers a fully managed, secure, production-ready API infrastructure. You can develop, deploy and protect APIs at any scale, for all types of applications. With no maintenance or operational costs, AWS customers can devote their time to building logic and applications.

The web is more interactive than ever, but most APIs are still stuck in the past. Now you can create real-time WebSocket APIs for your Amazon Web Services products that seamlessly scale alongside your business. API Gateway acts as a middleman in message transfer between your backend service and your clients.

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Important Advantages of Using AWS API Gateway

How is Amazon API Gateway useful for your industry? Read all about it in the sections below:

Develop APIs Effortlessly

Amazon API Gateway handles the administrative details of creating, publishing, monitoring, and securing APIs so you can focus on your business logic. You can use these APIs and this technology to build mobile applications, websites, or IoT applications.

High Performance At Any Scale

AWS API Gateway is ideal for building microservices that scale and elastically grow with your application. It can manage millions of requests per second and over a trillion API calls per month on the same AWS infrastructure.

No Charges For Idle Capacity

With Amazon API Gateway, you get less time to deploy, higher security standards, no risk of downtime, and a more cost-efficient API management for the business. You pay only for what you use, saving up to 67% on the cost of running your microservices. You can start small and scale up cost-efficiently when needed.

Monitor your Microservices Easily

With API Gateway you can independently deploy and manage your APIs and microservices. You can also monitor traffic patterns and set up alarms to notify you when something goes wrong with your API.

Efficient Security Protocols

You can use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to assign granular permissions at the API level. You can define permissions and authorization for specific API actions and quickly enforce those permissions.

Create RESTful APIs Easily

You can use the programmable Amazon Web Services (AWS) API Gateway to create HTTP APIs or REST APIs. HTTP APIs are ideal for building APIs for a majority of use cases. You can build and deploy scalable REST APIs quicker in use cases where you require proxy functionality and management features.

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