Our Cloud Engineers can work towards creating
an affordable and scalable solution to all your technical problems through a wide variety of cloud based services


Build a futuristic app that is scalable and easy to maintain with the AWS serverless technology and save a lot of money by paying for what you use.

  • Lambda

    AWS Lambda is a function-based computing service that lets you run your functions(code) without spending any

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  • DynamoDB

    DynamoDB is consistent, fast and scales without a limit. It is fully managed in a secure environment so one does not have to worry about

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  • API Gateway

    With Amazon API Gateway, you can easily build and maintain large scale APIs for your application.

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Migrate your existing infrastructure to cloud leverage the scaling and cost benefits offered by AWS cloud services. AWS offers a breadth of managed services to host web applications , databases , API's and other workloads. Refer to our case studies and learn how our clients have benefitted by moving to cloud.

  • Database Migration Service

    Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud.

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  • Cloud Migration - Application Migration/Modernization

    Move your existing on-prem to cloud and unlock the cost benefits of the pay as you go model of AWS services.

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Cost Optimization

Choose the right savings plan or reserve EC2 instances for a longer period of time to obtain maximun cost benefits. In addtion to this , our cloud engineers would help you determine the optimum instance size or services that best fit your need at minimum possible pricing. Go through our case studies and learn how our clients have utilized various methods to bring down their infrastructure costs.

  • Savings Plans and Reserved Instances

    Savings Plans is a flexible pricing model that provides savings of up to 72% on your AWS compute usage.

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  • Instance right sizing and eliminating unsused resources

    Thourough audit of AWS account is doen to look for overprovisioned and unused resources. Once identified ,

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Cloud Consulting

Be confident in your application with our cloud consulting services. We help you mitigate risk at the same time reduce cost and improve performance of your application.

  • Optimal Solutions

    Our cloud engineers work hard to craft the most optimal soultion to all your business problems using the power of cloud.

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  • Predictable Results

    With us, the only thing that is most predicatable is that you are going to save

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Backups and Disaster Recovery

Bounce back from any unpleasant surprise in your application with the help of cloud backup and disaster recovery system. AWS provides a cost effective, single click automated disaster recovery for on-premises and cloud workloads.

  • Simplified AWS backup and disaster recovery

    We ensure the selection of right components for your DR Setup on AWS. The setup time for the DR solution is drastically reduced,

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  • Cost Effectiveness

    We can assist you in setting up cost-effective data backup, storage and disaster recovery on AWS and reduce your capital expenses.

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Case Studies

We believe in telling our success story before you believe in us to create yours.

Serverless APIs

Event Driven Emailer System Using AWS Lambda
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Payment Processing Platform Security on AWS

Improved Security of PCI-DSS Compliant Payment Processing Platform on AWS
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Database Migration to Amazon Aurora

Improved Performance and Scalability with Amazon Aurora Mysql Database.
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Cost Optimization on AWS Cloud

30% in monthly recurring OPEX savings over legacy AWS invoices.
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Live Streaming Application Migration

Improved Availability, Improved Performance and Reduced Cost of ownership on AWS.
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